American Curriculum

BIS offers courses in core subject areas such as language arts, social studies, science, math, and Bible. Elective courses are available in areas of fine arts, foreign languages, physical education and health, computers and electronics, and college and career preparation(Students may choose to earn a Standard or Advanced Diploma. BIS also offers required courses for a student to earn the AP® International Diploma. This includes over 200 core and elective courses,15 Honors courses, 15 dual credit courses in partnership with Colorado Christian University, and 18 Advanced Placement courses

A 36-week school calendar which consists of two 18-week semesters. Students may start any month of the year with official start dates offered each month. Students are provided up to 52 weeks to complete yearlong courses and 26 weeks to complete semester courses. We use a 4.0 scale, with Honors courses weighted with (.5) additional quality points, and AP® courses weighted (1.0) additional quality points

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