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Bethel International School

Bethel International School is a Christian institution which was founded to provide quality hybrid also called blended education. This allows our students the rare opportunity to attend classes and socialize with students around the world. Learning has always happened beyond the physical walls of a school and that is what we offer. We deliver high impact teaching, using data to personalize and re-imagine roles. Further, it is important to note, BIS offers both the American(9th-12th grade) and British(IGCSE-A levels)Curriculas.

A wide range of materials and resources are utilized from a variety of publishers to meet the curricular needs of each course and curriculum. In order to maintain high standards, BIS operates on a formal curriculum review cycle, whereby all subject areas are regularly reviewed to enhance student learning, engagement, experience and outcomes

What We Do


While our core mission is to continually offer academic excellence, It is equally important to us as an institution to intentionally integrate a Christian worldview. We aim for our students to be university and life-ready, demonstrating competencies for successful living, communication, and academic excellence. Is of Christ-like character, exhibiting academic and personal integrity through responsible stewardship, honesty, perseverance, and respect, even when no one is watching. Is globally-minded, and equipped to impact society while appreciating cultural diversity. Is a Christ-follower, actively seeking God in and out of the classroom. Is a lifelong learner, valuing and pursuing knowledge.

Our Programs


BIS majorly caters for students in High-School. Exceptions are only made to those in their transitional classes. That is, Year 9 for those in the British curriculum and 8th Grade for those in the American curriculum. Students in other curriculums including the Kenyan curriculum who wish to switch to what we offer are welcomed to take pre-tests for placement. We have clubs and house competitions and our own social network for students to socialize in a safe space. We hold in-person trips, events and even a Summer Ball!

British Curriculum

The IGCSE is the world’s most popular exam qualification for 14 to 16 year olds, and the Cambridge IGCSE is recognized by universities and employers everywhere


American Curriculum

BIS offers courses in core subject areas such as language arts, social studies, science, math, and Bible. Elective courses are available in different areas




Assessment tests are conducted to evaluate the student’s entry point

Tuition Fees

Option Content and Platform
only(Year-Long) 2
With teachers
International GCSE (IG) € 2999 € 5000
International A Level (IAL) € 3999 € 6000
Enriched Virtual Program (EVP) Content and Platform only (Year-Long) Year-Long (Year-Long)
Regular & Honors Courses $ 999 $ 5199
AP Courses $ 999 $ 5599

Cancellation/refund policy
Fees cannot be refunded if and when three weeks into the course has lapsed.

Bethel International School

Why Choose Us

While we pride ourselves in academic excellence and the social aspect of in school learning, we intentionally would love to reach out to those of our students who need supplementary education, are of traveling families, expatriate families, homeschooling families, have school phobia or are ill. Online learning will allow these students to get world class education at the comfort of their homes with the help of our personal tutors assigned to them upon admission. Scheduled visits to the school will also be planned for them to have a physical connection for outdoor learning like science/engineering experiments, board games as well as physical health activities with other students within Kenya and/or after school activities for the students gifted variously. We desire to nurture gifts and talents


How we work

How BIS works

While we provide tutors who also act as the students’ supervisor/observer,It is critical to note parents role in BIS which includes, but is not limited to; Discussing with your child the enrolment information that you and they receive; Be present throughout the initial calls with your child’s tutors; Agree with your child a daily and weekly timetable to which they can work; See that they follow that timetable; Spend time discussing your child’s progress with them every day or week; Go through with your child the feedback they get on each assignment; Seek help from your child’s Tutors or Student Progress Manager when needed. Creating a convenient workspace for your child

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Registration Process

Register Your Child

Once you have identified a curriculum, we register the student

Application Processed

Provide log-in details and a demo of the online learning platform

Happy Learning

Assign a personal teacher to the student and learning starts

The platform

BIS online learning platform is where all content is hosted, as well as schedules, grades, announcements, and communications. It connects more than 100,000 learners from around the world with their teachers

Technology and equipment requirements
To use BIS Online School Services teachers and students must have a computer with a modern operating system (Windows 10 or later, or Mac OS 10.7 or later) and browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 or newer, Microsoft Edge, or Safari). A reliable broadband internet connection is also essential

The platform is hosted in the U.S. with cloud access and ongoing global support, and GDPR data protection, but localized hosting can be arranged as needed to comply with local law

Technical support
We have a multilingual call centre for technical support, as well as a comprehensive online library of anytime-access help documents and videos for navigation or technical queries. Front-end technical support will be offered from 1am to 5pm GMT